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Why Houses Churches?
Many times house churches get knocked by the organized church because they often don't have the structure of a standard historical church.
RealLife Network is committed to the effective organization and balanced biblical based structure which models the New Testament church. 1. Structure defines actual values:

Many times churches define and communicate values such as being community oriented, or God's kingdom expansion, or believer participation, but the structure of the building will define what is actually valued.
What we mean is that often larger churches tend to grow and then get larger facilities to accomodate each growth phase of scaling, which demonstrates the true value of gathering as many people as possible.
People may drive for 45 minutes, past other life-giving communities of believers in their own community, which they live, to be spectators in a structure that cannot accomodate everyone being involved and using their gifts
When houses churches at RealLife Churches grow to capacity, they must multiply in both location and people involved to accomodate that growth, therefore truly communicating our value of multiplication and congregant participation.

2. The formation of the churh in the book of Acts models it

IN Acts 2:41-47 we see that the church met in homes and in Acts 20:20 we see that they met publically and from house to house.

3. House churches are cheaper to start and operate.

Needing much less equipment(sound, lights, decorations, etc..)

4. House Churches can use their space more creatively during the week.

Since they are houses with bedrooms, the houses can be used to accomodate intern programs, recovery programs, orphanages, parsonages, or whatever the need may be.
Also, they can be used 7 days a week for Bible College, small groups, prayer groups, worship nights, fellowships, parties, etc...