What are LifeLine Homes?

A Faith-based recovery/discipleship residential treatment program

Our homes are structured for men and women in any stage of their recovery journey from alcohol, drugs, or any other life-controlling addictions.
Whether you've recently detoxed, completed long-term treatment, or have been in recovery for years, you are welcome with us.
It is our hope for you to find new freedom in Jesus.

We believe that recovery is a process and not an event.
We help individuals who are in need of recovery and restoration even if they have failed before?

Our goal is to inspire and teach residents to lead happy, healthy, and productive lives, free from ALL addictions.

LifeLine Homes Are:

  • Free-of-charge to the resident
  • 9 months to 12 months in lenght depending on progress
  • Funded privately and by resident work services
  • Progress is milestone based
  • Residential live-in program
  • Supervised by trained directors and staff members
  • Not an outpatient facility or shelter
  • A family home atmosphere

Who is it for?

LifeLine Homes are for Men or Women who are facing:

  • Chemical Dependancy/Addiction
  • Homelessnesss
  • Post-incarceration, probation, parole, or placement in a program in-lieu of sentencing
  • Escaping prostitution or trafficking
  • Exiting the sex industry
  • The fallout/consequences of poor life choices
  • Any life-controlling circumstance that prevents them from leading a healthy adult life