RealLife Network Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is a group of mature Christian leaders, all with over 30 years or greater of serving Jesus, who help direct ministry and oversee financial operations of RealLife Network.

Pastor Sean & Rebecca Busa

Founding Pastors and CEO

Pastor Sean is the lead pastor and President of the board of Trustees. Pastor Rebecca is the COO of the LifeLine Homes. Pastor Sean and Rebecca have 5 children and 3 grand children. They have been in Christian Ministry for the 22 years that they've been married. Their family has planted 2 churches, one in Moon, PA and the second here in Imperial Beach, CA. Both Sean and Rebecca spend their time ministering to homeless, addicted and incarcerated people in State Prisons.

Pastor Jeff Edens

Vice President of the Board of Trustees

Pastor Jeff is the Vice President of the board of Trustees. Pastor Jeff and his wife Lynn are the senior pastors of Lost & Found Christian Fellowship in Moon, PA.

Jerleen Bezzo

Board of Trustees

Jerleen sits on the RealLife Church Board of Trustees. Jerleen has a passion to help people in recovery.

Jim and Kathy Hibbard

Mentors and Board of Trustees

Jim and Kathy have been married and in ministry for over 50 years, have planted and pastored many churches and is now in a season of mentoring younger pastors.